Just a quick update for now: The new Gateway District record is done and ready to go and will be released this spring by It’s Alive records. Go to our Bandcamp page to see the artwork, tracklisting, and hear a couple songs from it. And then go here, to the label page, to hear a third song and get some additional info about the record. Super excited to get it out.

Likewise my new book Hit the Ground Stumbling is finished and will hopefully be out in March. There will even be a Kindle version this time around, hopefully decreasing the number of times I have to trek to the Post Office and blow my lunch break standing in line!

Banner Pilot has a few shows/tours coming up: SXSW in March, a few shows with Screeching Weasel and Dead to Me, and then a tour in May that includes a stop in Canada. Good times. After all of that, we’re going to hunker down and finishing writing + recording the next album. We already have 11 songs demo’d, and I think it’s sounding pretty great.

So yeah, once this terribly brutal and stupid winter wheezes its last cold, bitter breath and melts into bad memories, there will be some fun and cool stuff going on. Looking forward to it!