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I forgot (I think?) to link to this earlier, but here’s something I wrote recently about a comic book. I don’t read comic books, but that was sort of the point of this particular exercise—DC Comics did a ‘reboot’ of all their comics recently with the hope of luring new readers who would never start on issue 500-whatever, but might give something a shot if they could start at the beginning.

Basically, then, a person like me is in the target audience. Gosh, I feel so special! A target! So The Sense of Right Alliance blog asked me, and a bunch of other people who don’t regularly read comics, to pick one of the re-booted series, read the first issue, and report back on whether or not it sucked us in enough to want to continue on to #2.

I asked for whichever one was the worst comic in its old form. That way, I’d get to check out the comic that had the greatest challenge in front of it. I was given Hawk and Dove #1, which was…. well, go read the review!



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