A few quick updates on what I’ve been up to since the last time I remembered this website exists:

Banner Pilot released our latest album, Souvenir, a few months ago on Fat Wreck. I think it turned out great. If the album had *just* came out, I would probably say that even if I thought it sucked. But now, months later, I could easily say, “It was a misstep, we’re going back to our roots on our next one, it’s going to melt faces bro, blah blah,” so the fact that I’m telling you, well after the release date, that it turned out great means that I actually think it’s true. A good sign! You can buy it here or listen to a couple songs here. Also available on Spotify and most other places along those lines.

We’re also heading back to Europe in a couple weeks for our third tour over there; can’t wait. In addition to some of our favorite spots, we’re also hitting up new countries for us like Italy, Hungary, and Slovenia. It should rule. Full dates right here, check it out if you can. Also excited to have Jeff Matika join us on tour as guitarist for the first time. Oh yeah, and we’re REALLY looking forward to playing the mighty Groezrock festival for the 2nd time.

I also recently started another band called Partial Traces. Trying to go in more of an indie rock direction with this one, although it’s not clear yet if it’ll really sound THAT much different than all the other bands. Either way, it’s been fun! We’re still in the “working out songs” phase, but have played a show so far and posted a couple demos which you can check out here.