What’s the point of this page, you ask? Kind of a weirdly hostile question you have there! Luckily the answer is straight-forward: my main hobbies are writing things, and playing music, and this here website gathers information about these hobbies, or “pursuits” as we say in the biz, in one convenient location. Before this webpage existed, I have no idea how you would be able to learn about these things; you’d be completely lost. Now, it’s easy. Finally: a reason for the internet to exist.

You might want more information than that; for example what do I mean when I say I write “things”. Well, too bad. That’s all the information you’re going to get on this page. You’ll have to click on the Books link to learn more; likewise you need to head over to Music to find out more about the music. This is all probably very confusing to you, and for that I apologize.

This website also includes a blog, but that’s mostly because that’s a feature that automatically comes with WordPress. I’ll post stuff every now and then but I don’t expect it to be too frequent.

What else? Well, I never really use Facebook and probably won’t start. If that stellar recommendation for my Facebook page┬áhas drawn you in, go to my Facebook page and add me as a friend. I’ll likely never post anything, and probably won’t read anything you write either. With that in mind, the best way to actually get a response from me is by Contacting me. To do that you use… that’s right, the Contact page! You’re catching on. Other things you can check out would be my Twitter page although, as with Facebook, I don’t use it that often. I use the Banner Pilot Twitter page a lot more often so maybe check that out instead.

And that’s “about” it. Get it? Get it?