I released a book called You Idiot in 2008 that collected a few of my fanzines from earlier in the decade and added new content. It’s full of goofy articles about absurd things (anti-drug video games, preachers who think My Little Pony was created by Satan, obscure books that teach you how to create cars out of thin air, and so on). 2011 saw the release of Hit the Ground Stumbling, which is more of a “conventional” book, I guess, primarily about a kid I went to high school with who progressed from being a sullen kid in a religious family to having homemade satanic tattoos over the course of approximately fifteen months. The book looks at this transformation, and at both of our uneasy stumbles into adulthood. It’s not aiming to be as goofy or funny as You Idiot, but there’s still some humorous stuff in it.

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You Idiot: The First Book

Hit the Ground Stumbling