Hit the Ground Stumbling

This book is primarily about a kid I went to high school with who progressed from being a sullen kid in a religious family to having homemade satanic tattoos over the course of approximately fifteen months. The book looks at this transformation, and at both of our uneasy stumbles into adulthood.

You can pick up a physical or non-physical version over at ye oldeĀ Amazon.

“But wait,” you say, hesitating with your wallet. “I’m not so sure about this. Tell me more?”

Well, this one is a bit different than my first book You Idiot, but if you liked that one you’ll probably dig this. It’s not quite as goofy, there’s no pictures (lame, right?), but there’s still some funny stuff. Honestly, looking back, there are things I’d do differently about this book but it’s still Okay I think (I’m quite the salesman over here). Look at it this way, the Kindle version is the price of a mediocre burrito. So skip the burrito and buy the book. Or, treat yourself to a burrito AND the book. You deserve it. (I admit the price of the physical book is more in line with a rather good burrito, so that’s going to basically be a judgment call on your part)

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