Introductory Post

I’m not entirely sure what, if anything, I’ll use this blog for; the main purpose of this website is to put all the music and writing stuff I’m working on, or have worked on, in one spot. The blog is an afterthought…. I’m more of an edit-it-to-death-first kind of writer so the more spontaneous nature of blog writing doesn’t come naturally to me. Nevertheless, I’ll give it a shot, and you can expect to see posts on here sporadically, maybe a handful a month.

I had to put up “categories” on the top there so the site didn’t look empty; they represent the rough ideas I have for subject matter. Random observations, reviews of terrible books I’ve found at thrift stores, Minneapolis-specific stuff, wine reviews by someone who knows very little about wine… stuff like that. I’m ┬ásure I’ll fine tune all of that and have a better idea of which subjects make more sense in the weeks and months to come.

The only category that has more than one test post at this point is “Interviews.” That was by far the easiest part of setting this website up: linking to interviews that already exist on the web. Rad.

I leave for tour tomorrow so maybe I’ll be bored enough on the road to update this a few times. If not, check back in a couple weeks.

Fun fact: the image here was on the first page of a Google Image Search for the word “introduction”!

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