A few quick updates on what I’ve been up to since the last time I remembered this website exists:

Banner Pilot toured the UK, Western Europe, Ukraine, and Russia last summer and it was an awesome experience (there’s a couple tour diaries over at the BP site; hopefully someday I’ll post the rest). Since getting back, we played a smattering of festivals, did a west coast tour, and most importantly finished writing our next album. We hit the studio this Friday; can’t wait. There’s a little blurb on the Fat Wreck page about it. Look for updates on the progress over at the BP page.

I recorded a 7″ with Off With Their Heads last week; that was really fun. There should be more info on that one soon.

Gateway District released our third full length album Old Wild Hearts this spring; go listen to the whole thing on our Bandcamp page. We’ve been so productive we ALSO recorded a 5 song EP this spring that should be released soon. Bam!

That’s about it for now!